FXBG Technology

FXBG TechGeorge Barnick launched his first IT company at age 18. Six years later, he is well into running FXBG Technology, an IT consulting company in downtown Fredericksburg. FXBG Technology provides outsourced IT resources, such as help desk support and troubleshooting, to businesses primarily in the Fredericksburg region.

Barnick said that the demand for IT is currently extensive, and he is happy to be not only a service provider, but an employer as well. He said that more people are looking to get into a career in IT, and enjoys hiring local technology specialists. Barnick has lived in Fredericksburg his entire life, and has witnessed the substantial growth in the city, both economically and culturally. He said that downtown Fredericksburg was not initially a “happening place;” now, he is thrilled with just how bustling downtown has become. Barnick said that Fredericksburg is evolving into a place of opportunity. 

Barnick is a member of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia, which is deeply rooted in the Fredericksburg region. Barnick is pleased to see how organizations such as the Fredericksburg Area Museum have begun to recognize and acknowledge the presence of the Patawomeck Tribe. According to Barnick, members of the tribe have come together in the past 15 years to practice their heritage. While the City of Fredericksburg, and Commonwealth of Virginia, have recognized the Patawomeck Tribe, Barnick believes that recognition by the federal government would be the best way for their community to thrive, as federal legislation would open the doors to programs and grants that can benefit smaller Native American tribes such as the Patawomecks.  

Whether it be the Patawomeck Tribe or clients of FXBG Technology, Barnick is pleased to see how his hometown has become such an effective community. He hopes to see even more opportunities for diverse businesses to grow, and cannot wait to continue his work in Fredericksburg. 

FXBG Technology is located at 1011A Princess Anne St. Follow them on Facebook