Heppe Chiropractors

Heppe ChiropracticI was contacted by Heppe Chiropractors through TikTok, which is currently one of the most popular social media channels. Under the username @drs.heppe, Heppe Chiropractors has a following on TikTok of 59,000 users. Their posts include videos detailing their methods of chiropractics, as well as techniques that viewers can try at home. These videos have been incredibly successful, some of which have been viewed approximately 176,000 times. While social media marketing is not a new trend in recent years, embracing marketing for a business primarily on TikTok very much is new. In that spirit, Heppe Chiropractors have done an outstanding job promoting themselves in a new, creative way.

Drs. Erica and Scott Heppe, husband and wife, co-owners and chiropractors, opened their practice in 2016. They met at the University of Virginia, where Dr. Erica was pre-med. After the completion of her bachelor’s degree, she worked with a chiropractor, who demonstrated to her the capabilities of how this form of practice can benefit patients. Dr. Scott, on the other hand, was involved in a car accident that required him to see a chiropractor. It was there that he recognized the benefits of the practice, and, like his wife, devoted his career to chiropractics. 

A few weeks ago, the Heppes demonstrated their methods on how to treat a patient; fortunately, that patient was me. I laid face-down on their table, ready for my back and neck to be ‘cracked.’ It was my first time being treated by a chiropractor, and I must say, it was a great experience. The Heppes each utilized their methods and techniques to strengthen me, which involved applying pressure to the middle of my back, and stretching my neck. According to Dr. Erica, when my treatment was complete, I was an eighth of an inch taller (I was just under 6 feet before, so this was much welcome news). 

Dr. Erica said that while Fredericksburg is a wonderful community, many of the local businesses are owned by men. She believes that it is essential to support women-owned businesses when they are founded, as many of these women have had to overcome numerous hurdles to open (she noted that when she opened Heppe Chiropractors, many mistook her for the receptionist). The Heppes do believe that the potential for Fredericksburg to grow in its diversity is enormous. They specifically moved back to Fredericksburg due to its potential for growth, and look forward to continuing their treatment of the city’s residents. 

Heppe Chiropractors is located at 311 Frederick St. You can follow them on TikTok