Coach Brooks Business Consulting

Latasha BrooksWhen starting a new business, many business owners feel stuck, or are not sure how to start the process. That is where Latasha Brooks, CEO of Coach Brooks Business Consulting, comes into the picture. Coach Brooks is a consultant for business coaching and mentoring, from small boutiques, to corporations such as AT&T.

Coach Brooks’ first client was her older sister, who asked Brooks to help in starting her own business. Brooks said that the three main components of starting a business are to do it right the first time, to not skip any steps, and to have the structure in place to succeed. She equated starting a business to building a house from the ground up. You cannot build a house without starting the foundation with concrete. From there, you build the frame, and eventually the roof. According to Brooks, starting a business requires the same structure and discipline. 

Coach Brooks acknowledged that launching her business as a woman of color has not been an easy journey. Often, she said, she was not viewed as a top priority, or was considered under-qualified for opportunities that she knew she was qualified for. Fortunately, Brooks came across multiple government programs that help minority and women-owned businesses, which she was able to utilize to build her successful consulting business. In that spirit, she hopes that with Coach Brooks Business Consulting, she can offer similar opportunities and paths to people in similar circumstances. 

“I am here to help others that look like me, talk like me, act like me, become contractors as well,” Coach Brooks said. 

As the spouse of a military service member, Coach Brooks has moved the location of her business quite a bit. No city or locality, according to her, has offered as many business and growth opportunities as Fredericksburg. Brooks believes Fredericksburg will continue to grow in its diversity, as long as they continue to provide opportunities and awareness to minority-owned businesses. 

“I think communication is the biggest key,” she said. 

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