Wild Birds Unlimited

Two women standing in front of a wall laughingThe winds of winter will soon turn to light breezes, and with those breezes will come an abundance of beautiful creatures. Soon, your back porch will be visited by blue jays, cardinals, and hummingbirds. Or at least it would be, if you were to purchase a stunning bird feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited in Fredericksburg.  

Tabatha Hummel, Owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, moved to Fredericksburg during the Covid-19 pandemic. Having previously owned a pet store in Staunton, she transitioned fairly seamlessly into her business of providing residents of Fredericksburg with bird feeders, bird houses, and nesting materials.  

According to Hummel, many people in Fredericksburg developed an affinity for feeding birds while working from home during the quarantine. In that spirit, Wild Birds Unlimited was able to flourish during the pandemic. Hummel said that her business was able to adapt to the current climate, as they now offer curbside and online orders, and even personal deliveries from Hummel herself.  

Hummel is proud of the business she has grown and operated in Fredericksburg. She is mostly proud, though, of soon co-owning the business with her daughter, Caitlin Foschini. Foschini began working at Wild Birds Unlimited before Hummel. Once Hummel began to run the store, she made the decision to own the store with her daughter. Hummel is a firm believer in offering opportunities and insight to the next generation, which is why she is not only working with her daughter, but providing free bird feeders to children and teenagers who are new to the hobby. Hummel wants the youth of Fredericksburg to grow in their knowledge and horizons, just like she wants Foschini to grow with the business.  

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