A Lite 4 Life

Regina Price In the past two years, trauma has entered the lives and well-being of so many members of the Fredericksburg community. Just as it is important for people to make it through these difficult times, it is essential for them to seek any help that they may need. Luckily, Fredericksburg is home to a business that provides solace for those in the area who are struggling with trauma.

Minister Regina Price, M.Ed. and CEO of A Lite 4 Life, has centered her career around sharing “faith, hope, and light to those who have experienced past trauma in their life.” Price has used her own personal trauma as motivation to be an inspirational speaker and coach to those who are in need of hope. 

“I believe that we are the light of the world, and hope to all,” Price said about her business. A Fredericksburg native and lifetime member of the Virginia Black Business Directory, Price believes that her message extends to the community-at-large. She believes that her business can be an inspiration not only to people of color, but to the Fredericksburg community. As the author of F.A.I.T.H. - Forsaking All I Trust Him, Price, a minister herself, believes that her words can inspire, motivate, and encourage people, and help them to know that they can move forward. 

As Price pointed out, trauma comes in many ways: grief, the pandemic, natural disasters, and so much more. Price’s goals with her books and A Lite 4 Life are for those involved to learn how to recognize, confront, and conquer trauma. “My books actually offer that encouragement.” 

When it comes to first steps in dealing with trauma, Price recommends that those suffering must always get the professional help they need, from therapy to faith. “There are so many ways to deal with trauma,” she said. In her words, the community has been drawn closer together because of the pandemic. And with A Lite 4 Life, Price believes she can be a light and encouragement to the community. 

A Lite 4 Life attends many events, including “Go Go at the Vineyard” at Sweet Vines Winery on April 30th. To learn more about these events and A Lite 4 Life, contact Regina Price here