Zynda Apothecary

Zynda ApothecarySunhee Chung has opened two apothecary stores with one goal in mind: “I wanted to share what natural medicine can do to everyone, everywhere.”

Chung opened Deep Roots Apothecary in Burke, Virginia, four and half years ago, and most recently opened Zynda Apothecary on Princess Anne Street in downtown Fredericksburg. Her focus is to merge eastern and western medicine together through natural remedies. These remedies stem from countries such as Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, where the herbs used by Zynda Apothecary are grown and picked. 

Zynda Apothecary has a number of techniques and products for healing and wellness, including eastern herbs, cupping sets (a technique similar to acupuncture), and organic teas. Chung says that her products are more effective than those that can be found at the grocery store or pharmacy, as much of the ingredients are imported from Asia. 

Chung grew up in Stafford, and worked in Fredericksburg for many years. After opening Deep Roots in Burke, Chung always hoped to open a business in Fredericksburg, as she had witnessed first-hand how the local businesses work together to help each other. According to Chung, this cooperation is essential for success when operating a small business. For that reason, she is hopeful and confident that Zynda Apothecary can succeed in Fredericksburg. 

“I see a great hope for Zynda here,” Chung said. 

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Disclaimer: The employees of Zynda Apothecary are not medical professionals, and encourage self-research in addition to their own expertise.