Fredericksburg Nationals Minor League Baseball

Lani Weiss is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Fredericksburg Nationals Minor League Baseball Team.

Let's get to know Lani.

Woman standing in front of screen with Fredericksburg Nationals logo on itBest Advice for Others:

Make the effort to spend time with those who matter most to you.  Family, friends, employees, and colleagues.  Going out of your way to make time, even when it's not convenient, shows those you care about that they are loved, heard, and supported.  You can't place a value on how rewarding this is.

What a Competitor Would Say About Me:

I'm not really sure!  What I HOPE they would say is that I am warm and welcoming, always have a positive outlook, am open minded, and that I will always go the extra distance to ensure that our employees know that I am always there for them and that they feel a part of our FredNats family.

First Job:

During high school, my first job was opening bank accounts at a Savings and Loan.  A great experience that started my career in business!

People I Admire:

The person I admire most, is my brother, Seth.  What I admire most is his inner strength in both his personal and professional lives. Even when he is not in agreement with others, he has the most constructive and respectful way of expressing his ideas and opinions while keeping an open mind to others' points of view.  He's not afraid to make the tough decisions in business and in life, and will stand up for what he believes is the best path forward.  He is a brilliant success in his field but is always humble.  I continue to be in awe of the incredible person he is and the way he presents himself in all aspects of his life.  I wouldn't be who I am without him.

Best Life Experience:  

Our family vacation to Israel, when twelve of us travelled to Israel for twelve days on a guided tour.  We truly loved being with each other every day while experiencing the amazing sights, sounds and tastes.  We never got on each other's nerves or had any disagreements, which is remarkable for any family.  It was unforgettable to experience this with three generations of our family, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us. 

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work:

Work for me has been a family experience for the last 28 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Owning and operating our business together has been a passion for our family.  Our staff is the other rewarding part that makes me excited to be around the office and the ballpark.  We have been fortunate to find people who are truly wonderful human beings, and we are eternally grateful to this incredible group of an amazing staff for helping us create the vision for the FredNats and for creating our team and its identity.  We would be nowhere without them.

Something I’d Never Do Again:

I've actually never done this, but it's something I would never the mascot!  I will jump in and help in any area of the operation - restocking the team store, prepping food in a concession stand, making a speech from the field, picking up trash and fireworks shells, cleaning bathrooms, but I will never be the mascot.  It's just not my personality to be quite that goofy.  It takes a special person with a passion to entertain to make a mascot come to life and be loved.  I'll leave that to the special folks on our staff who do just that.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Just about any all-inclusive resort where I can turn off my brain and only have to wonder how far my chair at the pool or the beach is from the nearest Pina Colada.  That is our go-to for a relaxing get-away.

Fredericksburg Nationals written in baseball white blue red logo with the letter F

You can find Lani at 42 Jackie Robinson Way.  Visit the Fredericksburg Nationals website to see their game schedule. events, and much much more.

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