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Garrett Green is the owner and personal trainer of Green Fitness and Wellness.

Let's get to know Garrett.

Man standing taking selfie imageBest Advice for Others:

Block out the noise and if you have a passion for something work hard and you will achieve it. 

What a Competitor Would Say About Me:

Garrett is a hard worker that is dedicated to his family, his clients, and his community.  

First Job:

Tennis Pro at Burke Racket and Swim Club.

People I Admire:

I admire my parents the most. They have been such an inspiration to me to always follow my heart both in my personal life but also in my professional life.  

Best Life Experience:

My best life experience probably happened just this past Easter when I joined the Catholic Church. 

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work:

Every morning when I get up, I have the pleasure of knowing today, I’m going to be able to help someone make their life better. Whether it’s helping a disabled client, an athlete or someone just trying to focus on a better healthy lifestyle. I know that one hour with me is going to make a difference in their lives. 

Something I’d Never Do Again:

I would like to say right now I will never run a marathon again. However, I said the same thing after I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and just one year later I ran the Chicago marathon. But I’m pretty sure I will never do that again. 

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Any place that has my feet in the ocean. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a beach chair right at the water's edge and listening to some Kenny Chesney 

White background with green letters and pine treeYou will find Garrett at 311 Frederick St. (look for the Purina Tower). Find out all Garrett offers in fitness and wellness at Green Fitness and Wellness.

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