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Rami Thompson is the founder and owner of Black Lace Boudoir.

Let's get to know Rami.

Woman standing in front of fireplace and mirrorBest Advice for Others: 

If the puzzle piece does not fit, don't try and force it. Some things in life aren't meant to be. But, in my experience, those things or situations are intended to be will happen effortlessly with no push, just like the correct piece that fits in a puzzle. 

What a Competitor Would Say About Me: 

I have a lot of admirers who adore my work and style. They have encouraged me through my journey, but I wouldn't consider them competitors. Like me, they are other artists who want to share their passion with the world. Overall, I don't pay much attention to others to worry about whether they say good or bad things. I am in my own world, doing what I love and surrounding myself with those who value me.  

First Job: 

My first job was as a waitress for a small pizza restaurant at 14. That summer, I got a worker's permit and found a place to hire me. My first customer was a burley man who rode in on his Harley. He gave me a $21 tip and told me to keep that $1.00 and save it. Sadly, I did not listen and chose to spend it. Looking back, I wish I had listened to him and kept the dollar.

People I Admire:  

My Oma. She once owned a florist that she sold many years ago. As a child, I remember always loving going to the shop to see how she would decorate it, and the smell… the smell of the flower shop was some of the best memories. At Christmas time, the shop would be decorated like a winter wonderland with sophistication. She has impeccable taste and attention to detail with the arrangements she makes. No one will ever make a flower arrangement like my Oma. She is a woman who is full of fire and passion. She may not feel this way now, but I remember her in the days of owning her own business. She shared many stories with me about the ins and outs of her business. When life is difficult for me, she always has sound advice. This advice has shaped me into the woman I am today. I hope to be half of the woman she is. 

The other person I admire is my father. He has made many sacrifices but has never given up when life hasn't been easy. His resilience is something I admire, as well as his unconditional love. My father worked hard to provide me, my brother, and my mom, a good life. I have watched my father work from the bottom of his current company all the way up to where he is now. I am very proud of my father and all he has accomplished in the 30 years he has worked with the company he is with. I learned a strong work ethic from him, showing me the importance of never giving up and working hard.

Best Life Experience:   

The day I became a mother and a wife. At the age of 19, I had my first daughter, Savannah. She gave me a purpose and showed me there was more to life than I had known. I have her to thank for my passion in some ways. The pictures I took of her growing up led me to photograph people, eventually leading me to photograph boudoir. If it wasn't for becoming a mother so young, I doubt I would have had the ambition to get this far. I hope that one day she and her sisters can look back and see that all my sacrifices were only to make their lives the best.

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work: 

There are many things that drive my passion for my art, but the biggest one that continues to feed my soul is the relationships that I build through connecting with my clients. I am not just a photographer, but someone they can openly share their story too. Their trust means everything to me. Not everyone is willing to get vulnerable with a stranger, let alone share a personal and very emotional story with one. So I can connect with each client in a way that allows them to be themselves. Self-love and discovery journey is one many of us choose to do on our own, but being a small part of someone's self-love journey is an honor. Boudoir isn't just for women parading around in lingerie; it allows the freedom to see themselves in a way they have never seen before. Every time a session ends, a little part of me feels the drive to continue. One of the best parts about my business is that there is no limit to creativity. If a client wants to bring things to create a unique setup, whether it be a ball gown they want to wear or using their antique car as a prop, I cannot turn down the opportunity! I love when clients want to get just as creative as me. This certainly fuels my creative side. I am waiting for the day when a client calls me and asks, "Do you want to travel to France and explore a bunch of chateau and take pretty pictures?" My answer will be when and where!

Something I'd Never Do Again: 

Something I would never do again... Hmm, there are several things, but I constantly remind myself that I need to be a part of a group or organization to fit in so I can be considered successful by others. The last few years in business have taught me that success isn't measured by what others see in you but by what you see in yourself. I will never put myself in a box like that again and limit myself.  

Favorite Vacation Spot: 

My family and I have really enjoyed Emerald Isle and Beaufort, North Caroline. However, I love to be able to travel to new places often to recharge my creative side. 

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You can find Rami at 312 William St.  Visit Black Lace Boudoir to book a session.

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