Kitchen Tune-Up Fredericksburg

Matt, Jake and Zach Lethbridge are the owners of Kitchen Tune-Up Fredericksburg.

Let's get to know Zach, Matt and Jake.

Three men standing in front of building

Best Advice for Others: 


Matt: Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and be better than that person today.

Jake: Live your life, don’t let others live it for you.

Zach: Work hard, push yourself, do the right thing.

What a Competitor Would Say About Me:  

Matt:  Three of y’all in the family business?…good luck with that.

Jake:  Who?

Zach:  I’m not sure if they know who we are but we will run our business the way we think is right and I’m not worried about what they think.


First Job:  

Matt:  Marine Corps

Jake:  Sales representative/account manager for Otis Elevator.

Zach:  Construction


People I Admire:  

Matt:  My family & Colin Cowherd.

Jake:  My family.

Zach:  My family.


Best Life Experience:  

Matt:  Raising me and my wife’s 16-month old son.

Jake:  Being at the United States Naval Academy/in the military.

Zach:  Getting married, having children, serving as a US Marine.


What Makes Me Passionate About My Work:  

Matt:  I don’t want to let my two brothers down, and it’s a joy making homeowners’ dreams and vision a reality.

Jake:  Building a successful business with my brothers.

Zach:  Building a successful business with my brothers.


Something I’d Never Do Again:  

Matt:  Shave my head (its misshaped).

Jake:  Sail the Atlantic Ocean on a tiny boat.

Zach:  Start a business with my brothers.


Favorite Vacation Spot:  

Matt:  Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jake:  Wherever there are mountains and a lake.

Zach:  Alaska

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You can find Matt, Jake and Zack at 714 Westwood Office Park.  To learn more about their services and work visit Kitchen Tune-Up Fredericksburg.

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