Chris Muldrow is the owner and founder of Rambletype.

Let's get to know Chris.

Man is kilt standing in front of bikesBest Advice for Others: 

My dad used to say to treat your friends like family and your family like friends, and that's pretty good advice.

I'm also a fan of what the Scouts taught me: Be Prepared.

What a Competitor Would Say About Me: 

I have friends in town who are also technically competitors. I would hope they would say they think I'm worthy of trust (even if I'm not as good at stuff as they are).

First Job: 

I was a newspaper reporter when I was in high school. I covered happenings in my school for the daily afternoon newspaper in Greenville, S.C.

People I Admire: 

Ted Schubel is a guy who works his rear end off to cover news in this community, and he does it all with a super positive attitude. April Peterson, the owner of River Rock, is wicked smart and really understand how a community and business should interact. Alex Russell and Vicky James, who both work with me, constantly impress me with inventive ways to solve problems. And I also think Jacques Cousteau was an amazing guy. And Mr. Rogers.

Best Life Experience: 

Aside from watching my kids mature and become non-annoying (mostly)? We took some guys from Troop 170 to hike the Grand Canyon last spring. I had been to the bottom before, but it was very enlightening to see them experience it for the first time. It still hurt to climb back out of there...even though some of the guys helped carry my gear.

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work: 

A lot of times when people come to Rambletype, they have a problem they need to solve--a broken Website, not enough customers, an e-commerce problem that has been really tricky, a overwhelming confusion about how to build an ad campaign. We help them solve the problems--or at least we try--and it's fulfilling to see someone make that transition from "Things are broken" to "things are really working well."

Something I’d Never Do Again: 

Eat Vegemite. Ugh. Nasty. Also, I think I've decided I'm no longer doing major repairs on my own car. I'll change the oil, but brake jobs? Suspension work? No thanks.

Favorite Vacation Spot: 

Any national park will do. Sequoia King Canyon is sublime, Zion is amazing, Bryce is weird, and the Grand Canyon call me back the minute I get over the leg pain from the hike.

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You will find Chris at 1616 Caroline St.  Rambletype specializes in web development, e-commerce, advertising, news & publishing or anything Chris and his team find to be a digital challenge.