Duly Noted

Chris Allen is the founder and owner of Duly Noted.

Let's get to know Chris.

Man standing in front of store window taking a selfie.Best Advice for Others: 

Always be kind. We need more kindness in the world. 

What a Competitor Would Say About Me: 

I believe in community over competition. I'm always happy to talk shop, share my experiences and listen to others. 

First Job: 

As a Senior in High School, I worked in state government packing up and sending out safety training materials to manufacturing businesses all over the state. 

People I Admire: 

Other business owners, especially retail shop owners. We seem to be a breed of our own and I always admire the creativity, drive and passion of others. It is part of what drives me to be a better business owner. 

Best Life Experience: 

Meeting my husband, Tobin. He is the reason that I moved from Michigan to Virginia and the person that gave me the encouragement I needed to open Duly Noted.

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work: 

The people, our customers. My favorite part about owning Duly Noted is meeting and interacting with so many people throughout the day. There are several customers that I've been able to get to know them, their kids and even consider them friends. 

Something I’d Never Do Again: 

Compare myself to others. I spent a lot of time worrying about other shops' social media and why didn't I have as many followers or looking at their sales and asking why mine aren't as high. It can become crippling trying to compare yourself. Sometimes you just have to keep your head down and focus on creating the business you want. 

 Favorite Vacation Spot: 

This is a tough one, but I love Boulder, Colorado. However, I'm also a foodie and I love the food scene in Charleston. 

Duly Noted circle logo in pink with words celebrate the everyday

You can find Chris at 714 Caroline St.  To find out more about all the offerings of Duly Noted visit their website.

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