Bob Whittingham is the owner of Whittingham.

Let's get to know Bob.

Man standing beside Christmas tree in storeWhen do you start planning your holiday window, store displays or social media posts: 

I start thinking about the Christmas Windows in January every year.  Store displays depend on merchandise that catches my eye at Market and what's in stock.
What new gift or special offer are you most excited to offer your customers:

This year we have some very realistic looking battery operated candles.  The flames flicker just like a real candle!
Strangest question asked about a holiday retail item or special offer:

"Where do you buy your Christmas Windows?"  "Can you still get X product from Y years ago?" 
Will you offer a holiday event or treat to your customers:

We will have in store food and beverage tastings on December 2, 9, and 10. 
Share your holiday shopping fail:

Sequin Berets
Great debates:  Clear or colored light displays and gift bags or wrap gifts:
Clear Lights.  Wrapped Gifts.

Have you ever hidden a gift and not been able to find it?  If so, what was it and to whom was it to be given:
Never ever! Gifts were kept in places I knew where they were, and for the most part they were wrapped immediately and put under the tree.
Have you ever switched a name tag on a holiday gift and why:
Weirdest holiday gift received and your reaction:
Receiving underwear as a child... Not what I wanted.
Best holiday gift given and their reaction:
Gave someone a cruise... their reaction was total surprise. Jaws were on the floor.
Unique or bizarre holiday tradition:
Dressing in a tuxedo for Christmas Eve with friends.
Last minute shopping or shopping months in advance:

Months in advance

Place setting on white background with black lettering of Whittingham You will find Bob at 1021 Caroline St.  To learn more and contact Bob visit the website.


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