Karen Brace is the owner of Possum-Bilities.

Let's get to know Karen.

Woman taking a selfie in front of store window with a possumWhen do you start planning your holiday window, store displays or social media posts:  

The day after Thanksgiving. 

What new gift or special offer are you most excited to offer your customers:  

Between the 47 artists who display their art in the store and the fact that I am always on the lookout for new, fun and unique items for the store (many of them possum-related), we always have new things to see!

Strangest question asked about a holiday retail item or special offer:  

"Does this come with a possum?"  (The answer was "No.") 

Will you offer a holiday event or treat to your customers:  

We'll be hosting a holiday Mini Market with vendors December 16th and 17th and are inviting local artists and vendors to join us. During that weekend we'll be having holiday craft activities and there will be a possum ambassador there!  Rumor has it that Santa Poss might make an appearance as well that weekend. 

Share your holiday shopping fail:  

Since I usually wait until the last minute, the item I end up wanting to get is generally out of stock. 

Great debates:  Clear or colored light displays and gift bags or wrap gifts:  

COLORS!  The more the merrier (literally). And gift bags for sure! 

Have you ever hidden a gift and not been able to find it?  If so, what was it and to whom was it to be given:

Nope, but I routinely can't wait until Christmas, and give the gift sooner. 

Have you ever switched a name tag on a holiday gift and why:  

Yikes!  Nope. 

Weirdest holiday gift received and your reaction:  

A cute little Santa hat for my bearded dragon.  I loved it; she did not. 

Best holiday gift given and their reaction:  

The majority of my friends love possums, so I always search for different possum merch to give.  The little rubber possums that pop up out of little rubber trash cans usually get the best reactions! 

Unique or bizarre holiday tradition:  

Is making holiday dinner plates for seven possums weird? 

Last minute shopping or shopping months in advance:  

I don't do much holiday shopping anymore, but I generally wait till the last minute.

Gray, white and pink image of a possum as a logoYou will find Karen at 211 William St.  To shop, learn more or contact Karen visit her website:


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