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Stefany Jennings is the owner of Peacaloo Boutique.

Let's get to know Stefany.

Peacaloo BoutiqueWhen do you start planning your holiday window, store displays or social media posts: 

We start planning the window display, interior displays and sales in October. 

What new gift or special offer are you most excited to offer your customers: 

We have a Louis Vuitton raffle for a $2,195 purse giveaway! 

Strangest question asked about a holiday retail item or special offer: 

I have a holiday item that doesn’t have a place for a sales tag and I’ve had two people ask if it is free.

Will you offer a holiday event or treat to your customers:

We are hosting a Christmas Music Theme Trivia Night on December 14th!

Share your holiday shopping fail: 

Shopping last minute and then getting upset when I can’t find the perfect gifts. 

Great debates:  Clear or colored light displays and gift bags or wrap gifts: 

Clear lights, I love the classic look.  Wrap gifts, I love wrapping and decorating gifts. 

Have you ever hidden a gift and not been able to find it?  If so, what was it and to whom was it to be given: 

Yes, my father-in-law.  We ended up finding it the next Christmas so we gave it to him then.

Have you ever switched a name tag on a holiday gift and why: 

Yes, I have when I realized I didn’t have a gift for someone and too many for another person.

Weirdest holiday gift received and your reaction: 

My sister had beef cattle and gave us meat they produced.  I appreciated it but it was a strange gift.  LOL! 

Best holiday gift given and their reaction: 

I gave my full-time employee a Christmas bonus last year and I said, “We just really appreciate all your help this year.”  She said, “Obviously!”

Unique or bizarre holiday tradition: 

Eggnog and fruit cake.

Last minute shopping or shopping months in advance: 

I try to do advance but I always end up doing my shopping last minute.

Peacaloo Boutique LogoYou will find Stefany at 720 Caroline St.  To learn more and contact Stefany visit her website.

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