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Michelle Flynn is the owner of Wine & Design, Fredericksburg, VA.

Let's get to know Michelle.

Woman taking selfie in front of paintingsWhen do you start planning your holiday window, store displays or social media posts:

I hate to say it but I'm not great at pre-planning these things.  I'm usually working with my team for just a day or so before we start to execute. 

What new gift or special offer are you most excited to offer your customers:

I'm personally in love with our newest resin charcuterie board, Starry Sleigh Ride.  It's so perfect to leave out for Santa with milk and cookies.  It will be an amazing handmade heirloom piece to pass down. 

Strangest question asked about a holiday retail item or special offer:

No question is really that "strange", but when it comes to our events, etc. I always have to be careful during the holidays and make sure customers don't think we are in Fredericksburg, Texas.  I have had people call and book private parties, order take home kits or sign up for classes and realize later that we are Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I now ask if I see Texas at all on their order or phone number just to make sure ahead of time. 

Will you offer a holiday event or treat to your customers:

We have tons of holiday events on the calendar.  Two of my personal favorites are Bottomless Mimosas Holiday Mini Canvases class on December 2 before the Fredericksburg Christmas parade and our super popular Annual Christmas Eve Eve. 

Share your holiday shopping fail:

LOL!  Last year I got my finance a Backbone (gaming controller) for his phone.  I thought he was going to absolutely love it.  I think he has used it twice... womp womp. 

Great debates:  Clear or colored light displays and gift bags or wrap gifts:

Lights:  I lean toward colored lights outside and white lights on the tree but I love my mom's colored light tree.  Gifts:  Wrapped all the way.  It's so much more fun and we leave the mess until the end. 

Have you ever hidden a gift and not been able to find it?  If so, what was it and to whom was it to be given:

Nope, I'm pretty organized. 

Have you ever switched a name tag on a holiday gift and why: 

Not that I can think of.

Weirdest holiday gift received and your reaction:

Honestly, I don't have the greatest memory but I will say it is very difficult for me to fake a happy reaction lol.. so I was probably like, "What the heck is this?" LOL!

Best holiday gift given and their reaction:

I can't think of one gift in particular but I love to create my gift box for my future mother-in-law.  I get her all kinds of little things that I know she will love.  I wrap them individually and put them all in one box.  She is overjoyed by it every year. 

Unique or bizarre holiday tradition:

My mom and I play a shopping game.  We will separate in the store and send pics of things we would like placed in a noticeable place in the store, so we know exactly what the other would like.  It's like a scavenger hunt.  We have no idea what the other person actually got until we open on Christmas.  It's super fun! 

Last minute shopping or shopping months in advance:

I have been known to be out on Christmas Eve shopping but as I have gotten older I have started shopping earlier.  I try to get gifts when I'm visiting a new town or somewhere special any time of the year not just the holidays.  I love finding handmade gifts and shopping at small businesses wherever I am. 

Wine glass with paint brush

You will find Michelle at 502 Sophia St.  To learn more and contact Michelle visit her website.

Wine & Design, Fredericksburg, VA

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