Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Walker Grant Middle School

Fredericksburg City Public Schools are recognized as a fine school system. The citizens of Fredericksburg demand a quality of life that includes dedication to a quality school system. Per capita spending in Fredericksburg on public education is among the highest in the state.

About the Fredericksburg School System

The school system consists of one high, one middle, one upper elementary, and one elementary school, and a fifth site which accommodates Head Start, Early Childhood Special Education, Alternative Education for high school and middle school students, and a Regional Alternative Education program. The enrollment is approximately 3,000 students in all of these programs.

The city schools’ mission statement “All students will be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to create and to derive meaning as productive citizens in a highly technological world” guides local educators. The city’s educational programs are dedicated to meeting the many challenges of the new millennium. The educators instruct children in safe settings that provide small class sizes and genuine opportunities for individual attention. The school division emphasizes comprehensive staff development, mentoring, curriculum design and accountability.

Accountability & Accreditation

All city schools meet the accountability standards in No Child Left Behind and all four schools are fully accredited.


Fredericksburg City Public Schools are preparing children to honor the past; to study and to change today, and to face the endless possibilities of tomorrow. Please feel free to contact individual schools with your questions or visit the Fredericksburg City Schools website.