Better 4 You Juices

Better 4 You Juices Opens in new windowBetter 4 You Juices is a business born out of compassion. Patrick and Claudia Barnes originated the concept for Better 4 You Juices following Patrick’s cancer diagnosis. Through extensive research of how to improve Patrick’s strength, Claudia began making healthy juices for her husband. Quickly, Patrick discovered just how energizing and nutritious the juices were for him. It did not take long for the two of them to realize just how beneficial these juices could be for the public.

The Fredericksburg location of Better 4 You Juices opened in September 2022, but Patrick and Claudia have been running their business for over six years. From farmers markets to a community kitchen, the Barnes built their business steadily and meticulously. Patrick has managed to build a network and partnership for their business, with Claudia ensuring that Better 4 You Juices provides a healthy alternative to most beverages. 

According to Patrick, opening their business in Fredericksburg has been a great experience. The city has provided them encouragement and support, providing a smooth process to launch Better 4 You Juices. Claudia also noted that city planning has been incredibly helpful as well. 

Patrick and Claudia, who are both of African American descent, believe Black History spans further than a month, and like to view it in its totality. Claudia, as a black woman from the south, loves to have the opportunity to shed a spotlight on the stories of black people, particularly black women, that Black History Month provides. Claudia said that opening a business as a woman of color has been both rewarding and overwhelming, as it has heightened her sense of pride in what she does. 

“I’m black all year long,” Claudia said. 

As a veteran of the Air Force, Patrick said that his 26-year military background has informed much of who he is personally, professionally, within his network. As a retired colonel, Patrick’s leadership capabilities have impacted his abilities to not only open a business, but to maintain a comradery among his network. 

Patrick and Claudia beam in their pride for Better 4 You Juices, and cannot wait to bring even more delicious, healthy products to the people of Fredericksburg. 

Better 4 You Juices is located at 306 Frederick Street Suite 101A. Follow them on Facebook.