ManarcFor nine years, Deborah Franks has been the Founder and CEO of Manarc Borne the Battle, whose purpose is to accept community donations that benefit military veteran organizations. These organizations include the Semper Fi Fund, Paws for Purple Hearts, Leashes of Valor, Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg, Marine Corps League, and Liberty Organization.

MANARC is an acronym for the six military branches: Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force, Reserve, and Coast Guard; Franks noted that soon they may have to, once again, trademark the name, this time to include Space Force. Franks used to help negotiate VA contracts for thousands of veterans in Virginia. She wanted to continue her work in support of veterans, and felt that she could make an even bigger impact with Manarc. 

As a women-owned business, Franks said that while she had to work harder to establish legitimacy with her brand, she is grateful that the City of Fredericksburg has supported her and other women-owned businesses. Franks credits Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw as a leading example of how to support businesses owned by women. 

Proceeds from Manarc directly impact veterans in the community. They recently spent $11,000 for a car, and place to live, for a homeless veteran and her children. The direct impacts that Franks has seen through her work with Manarc has been, according to her, incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Franks even physically goes to help benefit these veterans’ lives. 

“They have worked so hard to keep us safe,” Franks said. “They absolutely deserve that.”

Franks said that Manarc is making a direct impact on veterans’ quality of life, and is excited to continue her work. 

Manarc Borne the Battle is located at 1008 Sophia Street. Follow them on Facebook