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Arts & Cultural District Incentive Application

  1. Specific Provisions
    Please refer to the specific provisions in Ordinance No. 10-35, Ordinance No. 15-32 and Ordinance 20-21 (please see links below). Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Economic Development and Tourism by calling (540) 372-1216, Economic Development Specialist, Amy Peregoy (please see link below).
  2. Certification
    I certify the business is current on city taxes and fees and that there are no outstanding building or zoning code violations.
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  4. Applicant's Signature*
    NOTE: By signing and submitting this application, all businesses acknowledge the following confidentiality provision of the Arts and Cultural District Ordinance: “To the extent permitted under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, confidential business records shall be safeguarded from disclosure; provided, however that as a condition of receiving the incentives provided herein, each applicant agrees to the release by the City of the monetary value of any incentive (including license tax reduction received).”
  5. Contact:
    Amy Peregoy via e-mail at or by phone 540-372-1216 with any questions.
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