Fees & General Sign Requirements

Fee Structure

Fees include:

  • $175 Application fee per sign (Refundable if an acceptable site for installation can not be identified.)
  • $825 to $1,225 Fee per sign, fabrication and installation

General Sign Requirements

Tourist oriented sign(s) shall be rectangular in shape and shall have a white legend and border on a blue background. This is a federal and state standard color designation. The sign(s) shall be limited to the identification and directional information of the business. The sign(s) will have a maximum of two lines of legend.

All letters and numbers will be at least 6 inches in height. Logos are not allowed. The sign(s) shall not include promotional advertising. Sign should also follow these guidelines:

  • Sign shall be located at a primary or secondary city roadway (not interstates).
  • The location of traffic control signage or devices shall take precedence over the location of tourist oriented directional sign.
  • Assemblies may only be installed within public right of way maintained by the City of Fredericksburg.
  • If a sign(s) are damaged or stolen the business owner is responsible for all fees associated with repair or replacement.