Tourist Oriented Directional Sign Program

About the Program

A large TOD blue sign on road in front of some trees.Tourist-oriented directional signs provide travelers with directional guidance to an approved business/site location available along City primary or secondary roadways (not interstates).

Business Participation

Businesses pay an application fee, fabrication/installation fee for each sign. The business is responsible for all costs associated with the sign(s). The designated city approved sign vendor is responsible for the fabrication/ installation of the sign(s). There is a 4 to 6 week review and processing of each sign application by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism with final approval by all city departments involved in processing the application, sign(s) and sign(s) location.

There are specific business participation requirements which each type of business must meet to be eligible for the program. Businesses can participate if a substantial portion of its products or services are of significant interest to tourists, if the business falls within one of the approved sites and if it meets the other criteria outlined below.

Tourist Oriented Directional Business Criteria

  • Business shall be categorized as an approved cultural, recreational, retail or services tourism site.
  • Business shall derive a major portion of income or visitors from motorists not residing in the area of the business.
  • Business shall be in continuous operation at least six (6) hours a day, five (5) days a week.
  • Business shall be licensed and approved by the City and appropriate local agencies regulating the particular type of business.
  • Business must comply with all applicable laws concerning the provision of public accommodations without regard to age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, or accessibility by the physically handicapped.
  • Business agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, policies, procedures and criteria associated with the program.
  • Business agrees that in any cases of dispute or other disagreement with the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and criteria or applications of the program, the decision of the City shall be final and binding.
  • Business must prominently display additional approved signage on their premises in such a manner that it is readily visible to motorists from the roadway.

More Information

For more information, please e-mail Amy Peregoy, Economic Development Specialist or call the Department of Economic Development and Tourism at 540-372-1216.