Nonresidential & Mixed Use Districts

District Section District Description
C-T: Commercial/Office-Transitional District
72-32.1 The Commercial/Office-transitional (C-T) District is established to provide for the location of predominantly nonresidential commercial uses in a low-intensity manner such that they can be employed as transitional land uses between residential neighborhoods and higher-intensity uses.
C-D: Commercial-Downtown District 72-32.2 The Commercial-Downtown (C-D) District is established to promote harmonious development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation of uses in the commercial areas of the Old and Historic Fredericksburg (HFD) Overlay District. The regulations of this district are intended to implement the goals of the Comprehensive Plan for historic district development while encouraging mixed uses in the downtown area. The emphasis in site planning is to be placed upon enhancing pedestrian circulation, minimizing vehicular and pedestrian access conflicts among uses, respecting the geometry of the downtown streetscape, and maintaining continuity with the architectural precedents of the historic area. Outdoor storage is prohibited in the district.
C-SC: Commercial-Shopping Center District 72-32.3 The Commercial-Shopping Center (C-SC) District is established to provide locations for community and neighborhood retail commercial and service uses in planned shopping centers. The application of this division is intended for areas which will provide for orderly facility development, minimize traffic congestion, permit one-stop and comparison shopping, and provide for safe pedestrian movement. Typical uses found in the C-SC District include supermarkets, drugstores, variety department stores, specialty stores, movie theaters, personal service establishments, and small professional offices in limited number. Outdoor storage and display is permitted only in those areas approved for such uses on the site plan.
C-H: Commercial-Highway District 72-32.4 The Commercial-Highway (C-H) District is established to provide locations on heavily traveled collector and arterial highways for those commercial and service uses which are oriented to the automobile and require good access but not dependence on adjacent uses or pedestrian trade. The district shall generally be considered inappropriate in those parts of the City where individual uses can be grouped in preplanned concentrations and in newly developing areas, such as those in areas that have been annexed to the City. Adequate transportation and site planning of uses should have the goal of minimizing through-traffic movements. Outdoor storage and display is permitted only in those areas approved for such uses on the site plan. Uses engaged in fuel sales must store fuel underground.
I-1: Light Intensity Industrial District 72-32.5 The Light Intensity Industrial (I-1) District is established to provide areas for a broad range of clean industries operating under high-performance standards. The district is designed to encourage light-intensity uses in low-density, well-landscaped industrial park settings with dustless, surfaced driveways and walks which are compatible with all types of adjacent uses and afford maximum protection to surrounding properties. Outdoor operations or storage of materials is prohibited.
I-2: General Industrial District 72-32.6 The General Industrial (I-2) District is established to provide for medium to heavy industrial land uses in areas of the City appropriate to adequately serve the physical, transportation access, and environmental impacts of such industrial development. Outdoor storage areas shall be screened where visible from off-site areas.