Zoning Codes

Zoning Map

The official Zoning Map (PDF) designates the location and boundaries of the various base zoning districts and overlay zoning districts, at a level of detail that allows for the Zoning Administrator to determine the zoning district classification for every lot and land area within the City.

The most current version of the official Zoning Map shall be kept on file in the Clerk of Council's office, with copies maintained in the office of the Zoning Administrator. The official Zoning Map is available for public inspection during normal business hours. It shall be the final authority as to the status of the current zoning district classification of land in the City.

Use Table

General. Table 72-40.2, Use Table, lists use types by base zoning district and indicates whether they are allowed by right, allowed with a use permit, or prohibited. The Use Table also includes references to any additional requirements or regulations applicable to the specific use type. References to additional requirements or regulations may not be all-inclusive.