Mary Washington Healthcare

About the Healthcare System

Aerial of multiple buildingsMary Washington Healthcare began in 1899 as an eight-room hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today, it has evolved into a non-profit regional system of two hospitals (571 beds), three emergency departments, and over 50 healthcare facilities and wellness services, including Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg locations, urgent care centers, medical laboratories, and the Regional Cancer Center. The Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders who serve in a volunteer capacity to guide the health system’s direction.

Mission & Foundation

Mary Washington Healthcare exists to improve the health of the people in the communities it serves. As a non-profit corporation, they invest their profits back into the organization through such activities as upgrading technology, developing new services and hiring new staff. Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and Stafford Hospital Foundation provide grants to a number of local organizations offering crucial healthcare outreach programs, including the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic which serves those who are unable to pay for private healthcare.

Since 1993, the Community Benefit Funds of the Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital Foundations have allocated more than $11 million to over 400 programs that address the areas of access, prevention and screenings, and education and lifestyle.

Community Health Information Resource

Building with double rainbowThe Community Health Information Resource is offered by Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and is meant to help the public with collecting relevant information on community health issues and develop concrete actions to improve targeted areas of interest. There are over 100 health and quality of life indicators at the county and zip code level as well as over 1,000 community-level interventions. 

The tool also provides multiple features to help citizens work collaboratively with others to effect change. The resources in this tool  supports the easy identification of a community’s strengths and weaknesses and enables the sharing of best practices to address the high human and financial costs of poor health. Mary Washington Hospital Foundation is pleased to make this tool available to the community as we partner together to improve the health of our communities.