Fredericksburg is revered not only for its historical significance and bustling downtown, but its gorgeous and exciting outdoor recreation. Since the Rappahannock River flows right along downtown, there are plenty of thrilling and soothing water sports that you can enjoy, from canoeing to paddle boarding. However, Fredericksburg’s joyous recreation extends far beyond the Rappahannock. Home to many public parks and facilities, you can take a hike on our many gorgeous trails and pathways (many of which race along the Rappahannock), participate in one of the city’s sports programs, splash around in the Doris E. Buffett Pool, and attend some of the wonderful events hosted by Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation. Check out their Catalog of Activities and Events Calendar.

The outdoor enthusiast will feel right at home in Fredericksburg, and those looking to experience regular outdoor recreation will adore what this city’s nature has to offer. 

Rappahannock River Canoe Action