Industrial Park Directional Signage Program

Program Funding & Panel Purchase

A large blue directional sign of the Battlefield Industrial ParkBusiness owners located in the Battlefield Industrial Park requested directional signs within the park due to their customers and vendors being unable to find their locations. The staff of Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) agreed to assist the business owners and applied on their behalf for an Economic Development Authority For-Profit Grant.

The grant partially funded the two directional signs. The total cost of two directional signs with landscaping was estimated at $11,500. Battlefield Industrial Park businesses purchase panel(s) for approximately $500-$700 each. Nine businesses are currently listed on one or both signs.

About the Signs

The signs are located at the intersections of Belman Road and Tyler Street and Central Road & Tyler Street. EDT acquired permission from the property owners, the McDaniel family and the Janney family, to locate the signs.

Contact Us

For more information on reserving a panel please email Amy Peregoy or call 540-372-1216.