Business Resources

Site Plan Approvals

The City of Fredericksburg has diligently worked to make the process of opening a business as painless as possible. There are a number of steps to opening a business in Fredericksburg, and we are committed to guiding you through the process.

To successfully open a business in the city, the first step should always be to develop a business plan. A business plan will allow you to maximize financing opportunities and outline your process for business growth.

As you near completion in your business plan, your next step should be to gather governmental permits and business licenses. You will decide your corporate status, obtain your federal and state registration, and submit your taxation documents. 

Once you have gathered permits and licenses, you should determine the location of your business. The office of Fredericksburg Economic Development can assist you in the process of finding a great location. 

Finally you must fulfill the local steps to opening your business. Submit your business license and obtain your certificate of zoning, occupancy permit and business license. 

Following these steps will help in your success in opening a business in Fredericksburg. Learn more about this process and the Business Start-Up Resource Agencies, Financial Assistance Resources, and Marketing Resources available in the City of Fredericksburg and Commonwealth of Virginia. 

To assist you as you consider options to start, expand or relocate your business in the City of Fredericksburg, our Department is here to help you with site selection and the development process. Your investment in our city is a key factor to overall economic development.