Ike & Rita's Bakery & Cafe

Matt McHale is the founders and owner of Ike & Rita's Bakery & Cafe.

Let's get to know Matt.

Man standing in front of storefrontBest Advice:  

Do what you find appealing and don't get too far off that path based on what you think other people would want - stay true to yourself.

What a Competitor Would Say:  

He's a little bit crazy but seems passionate about what he does - and he puts out good food.

First job:  

Bussing table and working in a restaurant kitchen

Who I admire:  

George Sabatine, a chef in Philadelphia, one of the first friends I made when I got to Philadelphia in 2004.  He was working in kitchens then, really applied himself and within 10 years had opened the number one restaurant in the city, but he always stayed humble.  A true friend and good person.

Best Life Experience: 

Working for Mike Stollenwork at a restaurant called Fish.  It was a really exceptional place where I was fortunate to work, I saw what it was like to really care about food, and to put out food to be proud of.

What Makes Me Passionate About My Work:  

I not only love food and love to cook, but also be part of the community through my food, building relationships with customers and neighbors.

Favorite vacation spot:  Shenandoah Mountains

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You will find Matt at 1517 Princess Anne St.  To see all of the delicious breakfast and lunch items fo to their Facebook page.  Be sure to follow them.