Youth of Promise

Youth of PromiseKymmollotkis Mason is the Executive Director of The Youth of Promise, a faith-based non-profit organization, whose commitment is to mentor at-risk youth in the Fredericksburg community. Youth of Promise provides one-on-one and group mentoring, giving kids and teenagers the tools needed to strive in high school and adulthood.

“We stand on our morals,” Mason said, who believes that everything is based on God’s word. Mason wants to give children the morals and integrity that will allow them to succeed. 

Once a participant joins Youth of Promise, they explain and learn what they want to do in their career. The mentors learn what the kids know about the fields they aspire to go into, and why they want to go into their respective fields. From there, Youth of Promise provides kids with the tools needed to succeed in these careers. Kids or parents can request information online, where they can be matched with a program coordinator and mentor. The services for Youth of Promise are free. 

“I think that this program is needed all over,” Mason said. She has found that while there are many communities in more difficult shape, there are many children in need of her resources in Fredericksburg. She believes that her organization will continue to make a difference in the community, saying that “it is definitely needed…if we provide more life skills, we can change the dynamic of the youth.”

Mason said that as a young woman of color, many in her profession doubted her abilities and experience. However, as she was once an at-risk kid herself, her experience and story have allowed her to launch a successful and essential organization in the community. Mason had to learn life skills on her own, which has allowed her to empathize with, and relate to, these kids. She views these kids differently than many kids than other adults who, according to her, would simply view these kids as “bad or troubled.”

“I see a child hurting,” Mason said, “And we need to get to the root of the issue so that they can excel through life.”

“We don’t get out of bed and decide that we want to start a non-profit for financial gain,” Mason said, noting that starting a non-profit consists of late nights, early mornings, and lots of stress. Her motivation is the kids and the cause, and she will continue to help the youth succeed. 

The Youth of Promise is located at 2006 Lafayette Blvd Suite 204. You can follow them on Facebook