FXBG Film Incentives Program

FXBG EDT LogoThe FXBG Film Incentives Program is funded and administered by the Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority (EDA). This Film Incentives Program is focused on bringing film and commercial shoots to the City of Fredericksburg by providing financial reimbursements to productions.

How it works:  

  • Every production must fill out an application. 
  • A production’s eligibility for incentives and the amount to be awarded will be determined by the EDA.
  • Once accepted, productions must keep their paid receipts for any money spent within the 22401 ZIP code.
  • Productions awarded incentives will receive a financial reimbursement from the EDA based on money spent in the 22401 ZIP code. 
  • Productions will be reimbursed 25% of their spend within the 22401 zip code, with a maximum amount of $15,000 reimbursed.

Mission Statement

The FXBG Film Incentives Program is committed to bringing film production to the City of Fredericksburg in an effort to establish this city as a destination for film and television. 

Fredericksburg Film Incentives Policy

Program Requirements and Eligibility

All eligible productions must operate under a production company, studio, or advertising agency (for commercials). Film or television productions must establish contact with the Virginia Film Office. Note: productions are NOT required to apply for incentives through the VFO, although doing so is highly encouraged. Productions must also have insurance, and provide proof that they have reached the allocated budget that they require for principal photography. 

Productions must submit a PDF file of the scenes that they intend to shoot in the City of Fredericksburg. Productions are required to spend $10,000 or more within the 22401 zip code. The EDA will review productions’ budgets and anticipated spend in Fredericksburg, and will determine if the production is an appropriate fit for the incentives and if so the amount. 

Eligible productions for incentives include narrative feature films, TV or streaming series, narrative documentary films, or commercials. Narrative short films, documentary short films, and music videos will not be accepted. 

Program Goals

  1. Bring 5% of Virginia’s yearly film production to the City of Fredericksburg. 
  2. Substantially impact the City of Fredericksburg’s economy.
  3. Increase Film Tourism, attracting fans of films and series to the City of Fredericksburg.
  4. Provide an outlet for diverse voices to tell their cinematic stories in the City of Fredericksburg. 

Applying for FXBG Film Incentives Program

FXBG Film Incentives Program Application


Applicants are encouraged to contact the Department of Economic Development and Tourism with questions prior to submitting the initial application by calling 540-372-1216 or writing to the Tourism Marketing Assistant, Ryan Cudahy