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The Wright PlaceBobby and Syreeta Wright, husband and wife, have devoted their careers to the betterment of their clients. Through their business, The Wright Place Coaching and Counseling, their work involves healing, guiding, and motivating those in need of strength in the Fredericksburg community. With their guidance, Syreeta and Bobby hope that you, and others in your life, will become more comfortable in admitting a simple truth: it is ok to ask for help.

Bobby Wright is a Certified Relationship & Life Coach, and values the interpersonal relationship between he and his clients. “It’s all about the clients,” he said, “I like talking to them and connecting to them.”

Syreeta Wright is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She believes that the therapy provided by her should be labeled not simply as mental health, but as health. Syreeta believes that mental health still does not receive the respect that it requires, particularly from the practical standpoint of health insurance. She believes that mental health should be given its necessary form of treatment, as well as lose the stigmas that are so closely associated with its label. 

According to Bobby, it takes a lot of struggle and pain for most clients to ask for help - particularly men. He said that when most of his male clients reach out, it is because their backs are up against a wall. Bobby attributes this hesitancy to the need among men to feel “macho,” and the idea that “to be a man,” there is no reason to seek help. He believes that recognizing when to ask for help, especially earlier on in their struggles, is far more beneficial. For men, Bobby said that once the dialogue begins between the two of them, which he said can take a while, they begin to see how helpful coaching can be. 

“I believe that everyone should have some type of counseling, and some type of coaching,” Bobby said. He and Syreeta agree that therapy or coaching can be beneficial to anyone who has a problem in life (which, they believe, is everybody). Syreeta also noted that there is some controversy around the question of whether counselors themselves should be in their own form of therapy, as many claim that makes them appear to look incompetent. Syreeta calls this opinion “hypocritical and ironic.” She pointed out that many counselors and coaches chose to go into their respective fields because of their own trauma and struggles, and she said it is important for them to look into therapy for themselves. 

Syreeta believes that there have been strides among the public when it comes to the burden of mental illness. Many people, particularly parents of struggling children, have begun to see how mental illness can affect themselves and those around them. But both she and Bobby agree that there is so much more work to be done in the effort to destigmatize mental illness. According to Bobby, the first step is simply becoming aware of the initial signs of struggle. The two of them strongly believe that the old ways of dealing with mental illness, particularly with general punishment or police intervention, often escalates troubling situations. While they are glad these solutions have become less prominent, they encourage all of us to make sure we are more aware of the signs and symptoms of mental illness. 

The primary reason that Syreeta and Bobby have combined their professions of counseling and coaching is that the two fields compliment and serve each other well. Syreeta’s counseling can provide a client with skills that a coach, such as Bobby, can utilize to help the client succeed in their life. Succeeding in their life, according to both Syreeta and Bobby, depends in a big part on the healthy habits that the client practices every day. Syreeta recommends healthy habits such as deep breathing, journaling, meditation, and exercise. She also believes that monthly or quarterly habits such as massages and acupuncture are excellent routines of self-care as well. “The sky is the limit, really,” she said of the healthy habits that people can and should practice. 

For Bobby, healthy habits are far more effective if people have fun with them. “You’ve gotta release your mind,” Bobby said, “Just do something that’s fun.” He noted that many of those struggling will turn to bad habits such as excessive drinking or drug abuse. “That’s their way of trying to calm down,” he said, “but it just makes it worse.” He believes that fun habits can include being in nature, and movement such as exercise, are very helpful. 

“As a woman, as a mom, as a wife, and also as a woman of color, I think I bring that with me,” Syreeta said. She said her diverse background informs her of how clients may be feeling and struggling. It does not mean their experiences are exactly the same, she said, and does not want to assume what the clients’ issues are. But it does provide her with an understanding of what her clients may be going through, and she utilizes that background to empathize with them. 

The Wright Place is new to Fredericksburg, and will be holding both in-person and Telehealth appointments to clients. They will be holding pre-marital and marital workshops, as well as classes for anger management. They will also be holding workshops on journaling, affirmations, and creating comprehensive self-care routines. Syreeta and Bobby are looking forward to treating those in Fredericksburg who are looking for help and care, and hope that they can better the community as a whole. 

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