A Mother's Love

A Mothers LoveKavatus ‘Kay’ Newell, a resident of Fredericksburg for 20 years, has witnessed growth in the local community in many ways. However, many in Fredericksburg are still struggling immensely; one demographic that has been struggling, according to Newell, is single mothers. In an effort to assist these women, Newell founded the non-profit A Mother’s Love, the goal of which is to provide support for single mothers of vulnerable families. In Newell’s mind, A Mother’s Love strives to provide the “anchor” that single mothers may need.  

For Newell, A Mother’s Love is a deeply personal endeavor, as she was raised by a single mother. While her mother made many sacrifices for Newell, including working several jobs to make ends meet, she had a great support system, particularly through her family. As Newell explained, many single mothers do not have the support system that her mother had. In that spirit, Newell and A Mother’s Love are committed to helping single mothers gain the necessary foundational skills that will allow them to provide for their children. 

“A Mother’s Love….that’s the driving force,” Newell said, noting that their mission includes helping and educating the children of these single mothers.  

As Fredericksburg has transitioned from a Washington, D.C.-commuter city to a city of local growth and commerce, the workforce has grown far more competitive than when Newell first moved to the area. A Mother’s Love provides many options for support of single mothers to strive in their careers, including a partnership with Strayer University for members to earn credit towards their Associate’s degrees. The organization also offers some financial help to members, and assists in solicitation of extra funds for their members to provide for their families. A Mother’s Love also holds quarterly programs for members, focusing on a variety of topics from parenting skills to financial literacy.  

“I like to think that I’m a role model for our participants,” Newell said. She believes that her story has allowed her to empathize with the members of A Mother’s Love, as well as provide them with an example of how they can succeed as well. A woman of color, Newell believes that the mission of A Mother’s Love extends beyond any ethnic or racial group. “The organization really is a heart for all women, regardless of their backgrounds,” she said. That being said, Newell believes it essential to support women-owned businesses in Fredericksburg. Furthermore, Newell highly encourages the support of the next set of women entrepreneurs that are emerging, by educating them on starting LLCs and non-profits.  

Newell believes that her mission with A Mother’s Love is only strengthened by the skills and lessons that her mother bestowed upon her. “I have a unique perspective in that I’m the product of [a single mother],” she said. “A Mother’s Love is a love letter from me to my mother.” 

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