1. Life in Fredericksburg

    Check out information about living in Fredericksburg.

  2. Healthcare

    The City of Fredericksburg is the regional nexus of world class healthcare services. It is the home of the largest provider in the market and the largest regional medical center Mary Washington Hospital.

  3. Education

    Check out information about the educational opportunities in Fredericksburg.

  4. Rail Service

    Check out information about the rail services around Fredericksburg.

  5. Recreation

    Learn about the recreational opportunities that are abound for Fredericksburg residents of all ages.

  6. Residential Housing

    Find information about the residential housing available in Fredericksburg.

  7. Arts & Culture

    Whether you make it, buy it or view it, art is an integral part of the quality of life in Fredericksburg. The city has numerous studios, galleries, museums and concert venues.