E-Commerce Matching Grant Program Process

The Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority (EDA), in cooperation with Vectec, is proud to offer to existing small businesses and non-profits located in the City of Fredericksburg the opportunity to bolster their internet presence through a 50/50 E-Commerce matching grant. This grant provides half the cost (not to exceed $2,000 for commercial internet-based projects.) Funds are available on a first come, first-served basis.

During the application process, Vectec will conduct an individual website assessment, offering advice on the types of online improvements needed to help businesses meet their E-Commerce goals and determine applicant readiness to undertake an E-Commerce grant project. After the assessment, Vectec presents to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism the proposed project scope of work, delivery schedule and cost and department staff approves the final grant amount on behalf of the EDA.

Grant Program Process

Interested city businesses and not-for profits should first contact the Fredericksburg Department of Economic Development and Tourism to determine initial eligibility (Amy Peregoy, Economic Development Specialist, 540-372-1216) and then submit an application to the department for review. The application process is as follows.

  1. Applicants electronically submit grant application forms to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.
  2. Economic Development staff will review and forward properly completed applications to Vectec.
  3. Vectec will review applications and interview the applicants to determine project eligibility and readiness. Note: Projects must be legal, ethical and commercially viable. Applications will be evaluated based on project potential (including increased revenues, job growth and retention).
  4. Vectec will develop a work plan, budget and recommended matching grant funding level for approval first by the business and then the Economic Development staff.
  5. Economic Development staff makes the final grant approval of the qualified applications on behalf of the EDA.
  6. Approved grant recipients will be required to pay their portion of the project cost to Vectec at the signing of the Vectec Agreement and Statement of Work, before the project begins.
  7. Fredericksburg EDA grant funds will pay Vectec the remaining portion of cost upon project completion.

Questions & Additional Information

Contact the Fredericksburg Department of Economic Development and Tourism at 540-372-1216 or Vectec at 757-243-8700 with questions about the application process.

Visit the Vectec website to view its services and samples of work.