Major Employers

Fredericksburg’s major employers provide essential services in the city, from healthcare to retail. These employers play a critical role in Fredericksburg’s economic impact and robust workforce, allowing the city to effectively function.

The largest employer in Fredericksburg is Mary Washington Hospital, Healthcare, & Affiliates, a highly reputable healthcare network that employs qualified healthcare professionals. 

The Commonwealth of Virginia hires effective government workers to strengthen Fredericksburg’s services, and the City of Fredericksburg & Public School System provides jobs to committed local public servants who serve our community with passion and dedication. 

National retailers and grocers like Walmart and Wegmans are two of the largest employers in Fredericksburg, and are a critical addition to the essential workforce. OS Restaurant Services, Inc includes the restaurants Outback Steakhouse, and Carraba’s Italian Grill, and plays a vital role in offering hospitality jobs. 

Rappahannock Area Community Services Board is a net of wellness programs that hires selfless mental and physical healthcare workers. Rehabilitation Hospital of Fredericksburg is a healthcare service to assist residents in their times of need. 

Favor Techconsulting, LLC and L 3 Communications Corporation provide technological services to the community. 

These major employers have generously impacted the economic success and job growth in the City of Fredericksburg.