Anderson Center

A large brick building with a brick plaza in front of it.The University of Mary Washington's Anderson Center is available for community events. The Center features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment; three massive video screens, 52 toilets; and a large, aesthetically pleasing lobby.

Renting the Center

While the University gets first dibs on its use – and UMW basketball, volleyball, and other athletic events have ultimate priority – community groups may rent the facility, at the University’s prerogative, on a case-by-case basis under the following guidelines:

  • Events must be of significant local, regional, state, or national importance.
  • Trade shows, circuses, automobile/boat shows, and flower shows will not be permitted.
  • When the University is officially closed, no uses will be permitted.
  • Fees charged will be those in effect at the time of use and will include affiliated charges such as housekeeping, police/security, set up, technician assistance, and equipment access.
  • Additional costs to the user will include advertising, rental of chairs and tables, covering of the floor, special equipment needs (pipe and drape, sound systems, electrical drops, etc.), staffing, and any other needs not provided for in the use agreement.

Community groups can schedule the facility up to 12 months in advance.

The Anderson Center is not designed to be, nor is it equipped to be, a multi-use venue; its primary purpose is as an athletic facility. With bleacher seating in place, it can accommodate about 1,700 spectators.


Parking at the Anderson Center is available in the adjoining parking deck and additional spaces are available across the pedestrian bridge at Eagle Village.

Contact Us

For more information about use of the Anderson Center, contact Susan E. Knick, UMW’s Director of Conferences and Scheduling, by email or by calling 540-654-1234.