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     Economic Development


    Fredericksburg Economic Development Strategic Plan

    City Council, the EDA, and the City Manager and EDT Director came together to endorse one single Economic Development Strategic Plan that pulls from all existing visions/plans and encapsulates the most important elements of each.


    Garner Economics, LLC:  A Competitive Realities Report for Fredericksburg, Virginia

    The focus of this engagement is for the City of Fredericksburg to understand the product improvement, marketing, and potential organizational changes it must make to ensure that the City strengthens its competitive position and is able to attract and retain the types of businesses that will create jobs and opportunities for its citizens.


    Garner Economics, LLC:  Embracing History and Progress:  Creating an Economic Development Master Plan for Fredericksburg, Virginia  

    In August 2015, the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia’s, Department of Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) retained Garner Economics, LLC to develop an Economic Development Master Plan (strategy) that takes into account the current state of the City and provides a roadmap for Fredericksburg to create economic opportunities for its citizens.  Presentation to City Council, May 5, 2016.


    Unified Development Ordinance

    Approved Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) updates and reorganizes land development regulations into a single unified ordinance.


    Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan acts as a guide when making important land use, transportation, public service, and community facility decisions.


    JumpStart! Plan 

    The Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority authorized a committee called JumpStart! Fredericksburg 2010 to lead a professional design and implementation process. 


    Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service 2014 Population Estimates for Virginia 

    Each year, demographers at the Weldon Cooper Center develop and release the official population estimates for Virginia and its counties and independent cities to illuminate population counts between decennial censuses. These estimates, generally released at the end of January, provide the best approximation of the population count on July 1st of the prior year. Population estimates are an important tool used by a variety of state agencies in their planning processes — from developing budgets to determining salaries for public officials.


    Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Industry Cluster Study (October 2013) 

    Economist Christine Chmura's presentation which discusses the industries that present growth opportunities for the regional economy. 


    Historic Structures Draft Report
    The City has received a draft of the Historic Structures Report for the Renwick Courthouse, the Old Jail and Old Wallace Library Buildings. We welcome your comments pertaining to the report specifically. Please address these comments to Mark Whitley, Assistant City Manager mwhitley@fredericksburgva.gov or (540) 372-1010 by August 19, 2016. The target to incorporate additional comments and finalize the report is September 2, 2016.  


    Frazier Report - Downtown Facades  

    Kathy Frazier, a principal with Frazier Associates of Staunton, Virginia, made a survey of 25 downtown Fredericksburg city blocks in March 2011. 


    Frazier Report - Princess Anne Street Site & Facade Assessment  

    Kathy Frazier, a principal with Frazier Associates of Staunton, Virginia, made a survey of the Princess Anne Street Corridor in February 2013. 


    Frazier Report - Lafayette Boulevard Site & Facade Assessment  

    Kathy Frazier, a principal with Frazier Associates of Staunton, Virginia, made a survey of the Lafayette Boulevard Corridor in May 2013.


    Fredericksburg Regional Demographic Profile on Economic Development (updated November, 2010)

    Economic Development and Tourism serves the City by providing businesses and individual citizens with demographics and other statistics. Find the department's most current statistical data in the "Fredericksburg Regional Demographic Profile on Economic Development."


    Fredericksburg City Code
    The ordinances embraced in the Fredericksburg City Code chapters and sections shall constitute and be designated the "Code of Ordinances, City of Fredericksburg, Virginia," and may be so cited. Such ordinances may also be cited as the "Fredericksburg City Code." 


    Fredericksburg Water Quality Reports

    The Annual Water Reports are designed to provide information about the drinking water quality.  


    Tax Revenue Analysis

    The Department of Economic Development and Tourism recently undertook a thorough analysis of Fredericksburg’s tax revenues as part of the strategic economic development plan process. The study looked at tax revenues – including meals, sales, BPOL, lodging and real estate – between 2005 and 2014. The study showed significant gains in meals, lodging, real estate and overall local tax revenues. Fredericksburg trails only Williamsburg on meals tax revenue per capita, a testament to the city’s thriving culinary scene. Sales tax revenue has declined somewhat since 2005, but Fredericksburg remains one of the leaders in Virginia for sales tax revenue per capita. 


    Fredericksburg Deeds

    View the most recent deeds in the City of Fredericksburg.


    Quarterly Statistics

    We are pleased to share with you this statistical report showing key metrics on how the City of Fredericksburg economy fared in the fourth quarter of 2016. You will find information on the residential and commercial real estate markets, new business activity, labor market data and more. We will continue to refine this quarterly report moving forward. We welcome your input on what type of information is most useful to you.





    Fredericksburg Area Tourism Fiscal Year 2013 Re-Cap and Fiscal Year 2014 Overview 

    The Fredericksburg Regional Tourism Partnership and its advertising and marketing agency presented a report on FY 13 activities and results and looked ahead to FY 14 plans.


    Fredericksburg Visitor Profile The Fredericksburg Visitor Profile is a demographic study of the Fredericksburg visitor prepared periodically by the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  It compares numerous characteristics of the city's visitors to the state's visitors.


    Virginia Tourism Corporation Travel Profile (2009-2013)

    This summary profile represents locality-specific travel-related data kept by the Virginia Tourism Corporation for the years 2009-2013.  The profile is intended to provide three unique categories of information:  the economic impacts of domestic traveler's spending, local excise taxes collections reported to the Auditor of Public Accounts and local excise tax rates imposed within the locality.


    The Sixth Annual Marine Corp Historic Half:  Economic Contribution and Characteristics of Participants  

    A survey to participants in the 2013 Historic Half Marathon and the associated 10K and 5K races was sent via e-mail to assess the economic impact of the race and ancillary events. The survey also sought feedback on delivery of services of the race and potential indirect benefit of the race in public relations and potential for repeat visitation. 


    Tourism Development Plan 2012

    The Tourism Development Plan is a document that examines strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Fredericksburg's tourism programs.  It was prepared to enable tourism-related development projects in the city to potentially attain a state tourism incentive matched by a city incentive.


    Virginia Visitor Study

    The Fredericksburg Visitor Profile is a demographic study of the Fredericksburg visitor prepared periodically by the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  It compares numerous characteristics of the city's visitors to the state's visitors. 


    Longwoods International Study

    The Fredericksburg Regional Tourism Partnership engaged Longwoods International to study advertising effectiveness, identify potential visitor’s perceptions of the region as a travel destination, and markets with the highest likelihood to visit the region in the future. 


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