Consider FXBG

10 Great Reasons to Move or Expand your Business to Fredericksburg:

  1. Office lease rates average 39% less than in D.C., Northern Virginia.
  2. Topnotch healthcare, schools, workforce exist in Fredericksburg.
  3. Your workforce already lives here!  Tired of your employees arriving late or leaving early because of the commute and traffic headaches?
  4. Workers facing a long commute expect to be paid more.
  5. The entire City of Fredericksburg is a HUBZone.  City businesses enjoy an advantage in federal contract competitions.
  6. Fredericksburg has ample inventory, including Class-A offices.
  7. Fredericksburg placed no. 9 on Entrepreneur's magazine '50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs'.
  8. Fredericksburg recently named SBA's Small Business Community of the Year.
  9. Fredericksburg has been named among best places to live.
  10. When you need to leave, hop on a train to D.C. from Downtown or make the short trip to three major airports.  Beaches and mountains not far away!

For more information regarding moving or expanding your business to Fredericksburg please e-mail Angela Freeman or call 540-372-1216 to schedule a tour.

 In the below video, Bill Freehling, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, talks with Ryan Paterson, CEO of IST Research Corp., and Mark Steele, president of The Title Professionals LLC. Both executives moved their companies to new locations in historic homes within downtown Fredericksburg. Bill asks each executive why they chose historic homes and what were the benefits of their relocation to downtown Fredericksburg.